Robert Lebsack is an American artist of Thai and European heritage that grew up traveling the world in a military family. This early exposure to many different cultures, along with a bi-racial identity, helped influence his artistic sensibility. Lebsack's art urges us to consider different perspectives and thoughtful ways of interpreting our world and the issues facing humanity. Lebsack creates artworks using mixed media with ink, charcoal and acrylic painting on archival copies of sheet music, books and/or newspaper. Utilizing collage backgrounds formed from various types of printed text on paper, Lebsack renders his artworks with symbols, metaphors and stories about ourselves.
Robert Lebsack is multi-disciplinary artist. In addition to producing fine art  Lebsack is a professional photographer and graphic designer with over 15 years of experience running  and co founding a boutique freelance creative firm.

Represented in Los Angeles by Artspace Warehouse Gallery



Zürich Switzerland by Kunstwarenhaus



Lebsack's imagery is hand drawn with great detail and extends from the front onto all sides, adding a visual impact from every angle. His paintings have been exhibited and collected worldwide, including in New York, Singapore, Zurich, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Some of his collectors include celebrities Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Ariel Winter as well as major international art collectors.